Computer Science Scholarships

Use this searchable directory to sort through scholarships to fund your traditional or online computer science program. The directory can sort scholarships by several criteria. You can search by state to locate funding opportunities from schools and organizations in your area. If you are just starting a computer science program, use the directory to search specifically for renewable scholarships, which provide assistance year after year. Additionally, you can sort the scholarships by enrollment level, as some are only available to high school students or graduate students. If you have already started your program, take advantage of the search tool to sort by GPA, as several scholarships have minimum GPA requirements. Finally, use the directory to search for scholarships unique to your ethnic heritage.

To exhaust all funding sources, continue your search for computer science scholarships online to find state and national scholarships that can help keep the cost of your education down. Additionally, if you are already employed, consider asking your employer about education assistance, as employers sometimes sponsor further education for employees with technological skills.

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Identify Trends in Computer Science Scholarships

Many scholarships available to computer science students are not exclusively targeted at computer science majors. These scholarships are available to students in all scientific, technological, engineering, and mathematical (STEM) fields, and as a result are exceptionally competitive.

Most scholarships for computer science are provided by engineering and computer science foundations and professional advocacy groups. These computer science scholarships are available to students across the country, and some provide awards to several students per year. However, because students from across the country can apply, you will have a much broader range of potential competitors than for state, university, or local scholarships.

Furthermore, as there are several organizations that want to encourage women to join technical and engineering fields, many computer science scholarships are available exclusively to women. These scholarships also require strong GPAs, with most requiring at least a 3.0, and some requiring a 3.5. Due to the lower number of female students in computer science, these scholarships also have fewer potential applicants, meaning a greater chance of receiving each award for which you apply.

Key Computer Science Scholarships

Summer Student Research Assistantship

This funding opportunity is provided by the National Radio Astronomy Observatory, and has been offered for more than 50 years. Providing more than $6,000, this opportunity requires students to work as summer research assistants at an observatory site. Selected students will work with mathematics, physics, and astronomy professionals to observe the stars and conduct other astronomy research.

Google Lime Scholarship for Students with Disabilities

Offered by the Lime Network in partnership with Google, this scholarship provides $10,000 to students studying in the United States or $5,000 to students studying in Canada. The scholarship is available to students with disabilities who have already completed at least one year of their academic program. This scholarship comes with an opportunity to attend a Google Scholars’ Retreat.

Directory of Computer Science Scholarships