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Guide to IP Addresses

Internet protocol, or IP, addresses are the names internet-capable computers, tablets and phones use to find and connect with one another. IP addresses take the form of 4 numbers separated by periods. For this reason, they are sometimes called dotted-decimals or dotted-quads. Each of the 4 numbers in an IP address can range from 0 [...]

Programming Resources

Computers are devices that can be programmed to carry-out a number of mathematical functions. Initially, they were used for computing large amounts of data for large corporations, but now computers are household devices and computing devices and software can be found in everything from cell phones to tablets. As such, a number of software and [...]

Human/Computer Interactions

Online Computer Science Degree Guide: Human/Computer Interactions   Scrolling through a music library on a handheld player, finding a restaurant to try on the Internet, or programming a GPS system to help you drive to the restaurant may seem easy and almost second-nature in today’s society. The scope of the impact which computerized systems are [...]

Coding Resources

  Online Computer Science Degree Guide: Coding Resources Coding is a field of work which focuses on the design, writing, testing, and execution of source codes of computer programs and web pages. Used synonymously with computer programming, coding requires a wide range of specializations including applied logic, math, and experience working with different coding languages. [...]

LART Resources

Online Computer Science Degree: LART Resources   The challenge of making more portable technologies has created some of the technological feats of the last decade, producing a range of products which can fit into a pocket – phones, cameras, and music players being examples. Creating technology with greater computing power and greater mobility was the [...]

USENET Resources

  Online Computer Science Degree: USENET Resources What if you could take a bulletin board, with its menagerie of news and information and other tidbits, and digitize it, bring it into the computer era? The interconnectivity of modern society would not be possible without computer networks which allow people to share information. One of these [...]

C-Programming Resources

Online Computer Science Degree Guide: C-Programming Computers “think” entirely in binary systems (a sequence of ones and zeroes). Unfortunately, people do not, so over the decades thousands of computer programming languages have developed to allow people to write programs that computers can understand. When UNIX was first trying to develop a language for its software, [...]


Online Computer Science Degree Guide: Computer Science Resources Computer Science is one of the fastest growing fields in both the industrial and educational spheres. As people and society increasingly become reliant on computers and computer systems for numerous aspects of everyday life, the demand has rapidly increased for computer science professionals of all types. Computer [...]

Computer Ethics

Computer Science Degree Guide: Computer Ethics Computer ethics is a broad field encompassing the human usage of computers and associated technologies. A field of the philosophical discipline of ethics, the idea of an ethical system for computer use first began to appear in the 1950’s, the same time that computers were still in their infancy. [...]

Research Sponsors

Online Computer Science Degree Guide: Research Sponsors Computer science is one of the most in-demand fields in industry and business today. As systems become digital and increasingly more complex, computer scientists are required to construct and maintain them. This demand has lead to a great deal of research and development in the computer science industry. [...]