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We, at OnlineComputerScienceDegree.com, aim to be the leading resource for students interested in pursuing a degree in computer science at any level. Our site not only gives you the raw facts and statistics on computer science, but also personal experiences and advice regarding computer science education and working as a computer science professional, all in an effort to provide you with everything you need to decide whether or not studying computer science is right for you.

The central component of our site is a thorough and candid discussion on computer science professions and the prerequisite education required.

We also have an exclusive aptitude quiz that you can take to find out if you are suited for a career in computer science. Our short quiz is just 10 questions. It is specially formulated to aid you in analyzing your personality, in order to determine if you have the attributes necessary to succeed as a computer science professional.

We also feature 6 original interviews with students, professionals and professors in the field of computer science. Through these interviews, our goal is to provide you with an insider’s look at both computer science education and computer science jobs. The information you will glean from these interviews is invaluable. In addition, we have a particularly helpful video interview with a senior producer, Teagen Densmore. She shares practical advice to help you in your pursuit of a computer science education.

Sumantha Dutta

Resident Expert

Sumantha Dutta teaches IT and computing. She aims to inspire and support her students by bringing the subject to through vast real world experience. Sam attained a Bachelor’s degree with honors in Computing and Information Systems from the University of West England in 2004, which spring boarded her career into the IT industry. She began working as a TAP-certified IT Trainer for leading financial and trading companies in 2006. In 2010, her experience landed her a project management contract for the U.K. Ministry of Justice, enabling her to become a PRINCE2 Practitioner, before taking on her current teaching job.